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in Piazza Santo Stefano, in the historic center of  Varapodio (Reggio Calabria-Italy), the new
artistic fountain stone hand-carved decorations and friezes.
Artwork and sculptures made of solid stone (Lazzaro-Reggio Calabria)
to fine workmanship (following the same decorative elements of the existing
fountain in cast iron), with four fountains worked artistically and surface
Martellina hand (base, column, capital and peak) .

Fontana created
and built on the project, local stone called “Lazarus or reggina” with materials and decorative friezes

The sculptural work is defined by its special artistic originality in due form
and in their distinctive classicism.

Cutting measures in the solid stone
reggina, for the construction of the fountain art.

– Standing square recessed in the floor circle of lava rock, complete with
friezes and decorations.
– Upper block consists of a solid and four semi-recessed basins in front and
side faces of the block well squared, ready to cross, with its siphon cover,
complete with friezes and decorations.
– Middle column full of friezes and decorative fountains and four artistically
worked, collected in the column. Column rests on a block top and surmounted by
a capital always form a square.
– Fontanelle artistically worked and carved in the shape of fish, collected in
the front faces of the column.
– Shells and finely carved bas-relief work in high relief on the base and the
column of the fountain.
– Lock up or cusp, worked on a block of stone “Lazarus” with disc

The architectural design of the fountain stands out for its special artistic
originality in due form and in their distinctive classicism.

Varapodio, Reggio Calabria,

Planning and design of the fountain art,
performed by Italian Pasquale Bonarrigo



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by architect bonarrigo pasquale


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Italian architecture has a wide and diverse number of styles which have evolved through the political, cultural and economical changes from ancient times. and now amazes people from every corner of the world, places such as The Tower of Pisa, The Coliseum, The Circus and more are part of the architecture of the country once considered as the capital of culture.
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